Rachel Greliche

Create Your Space in Life and Business !!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say – at least I’ve achieved happiness and fulfilment in my life!

I love working with people who are fed up with doing the same old thing year after year. You know; that feeling of dissatisfaction, purposelessness and increasing frustration of knowing there must be something more satisfying out there. That nagging question, that many don’t recognize straight away – why am I doing this?   For me it was as if I had lost my identity!  Beating yourself up about it doesn’t work either, it just makes it worse.  It takes courage to recognize what all those uncomfortable feelings mean in the first place.  Actually, the moment you start facing the facts, confronting your reality and being honest with yourself – it’s like having a huge weight off your chest!  The sense of freedom you get once you realize that formulating that long lost dream or passion into something tangible is actually doable -it’s just amazing!

There really is no need to do this alone!

I will help you break free from your frustration, overwhelm and lack of action:

Are YOU ready for a little risk?

Here is what’s in it for you:

°         A safe place to explore, to rant and express.

°         Honest and down to earth feedback.

°         Brainstorming to find your passion.

°         Creating success orientated ideas.

°         Planning your goals.

°         Motivating you to move forward.

°         Accountability.

°         Action – the excitement of seeing your plans come to fruition.


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Rachel is a certified MFM Coach/Consultant & Instructor !!

  Using a combination of coaching and consulting skills I will ……

        *        Guide you through the Phases in the Masters Program. (The School of Online Business)

        *        Egg you on and make sure you are doing the work – Accountability.

        *        Give you good honest feedback so that you can find your inspiration – your purpose.

        *        Help tackle overwhelm.

        *        Help you find resources you may need.

        *        Work with you on finding your message, your brand.

        *        Assist you in building a solid foundation for your business plan.

        *        Help you break it all down into manageable steps – making the whole experience exciting.

Building momentum for your ideas!

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More ways in which Rachel can move you forward:

Bringing your small traditional business online * Planning * Marketing Funnel Mastery * Niche finding * Decision-making * Time management * Obstacles * Perspective * Managing face to face contacts for business * Getting past the secretaries * Phone calls * Rediscovering your self-identity * Self-appreciation/awareness * Confidence to make a change.

A few more testimonials:

Rachel has been an extremely effective coach. She quickly developed a coaching relationship in which I trusted her ability to guide me. She truly listened and was able to help me realize many things about myself and my goals. I could not have moved forward without Rachel as my coach! Mike.

Dr. Michael Fairley, Ph.D. Chair, Austin College, Department of Communication, Media, and Theatre Cecil H. Green Professor of Communication Associate Professor of Communication, Professional Communication Coach and Consultant



Rachel coaches with a sensitive style that is warm and down to earth. I readily found her listening presence gave me the encouragement and support that I needed to feel she was non-judgmental and trustworthy. As a coach working with another coach to achieve my own personal goals, I wanted someone who is direct and capable of tackling issues that needed feedback. This is one area that Rachel prides herself in and does it with gentle finesse. Rachel’s sense of humor also helped to reframe perceptions and to look at any challenges. Each session proved to be productive and insightful, with action steps set to move forward and with affirmations to celebrate the gains made. I always enjoyed to our appointments, as Rachel had a way of being grounded and empathic. ~ Margaret

Rachel is an incredible coach! She was focused on me as the client and I always felt completely confident in sharing my needs, goals, concerns and ideas with her. I felt that she truly had my best interests at heart and was vested in my success. I appreciate her dedication and commitment to me as a client. Rachel does not hesitate to tackle the tough topics but is also non-judgmental in her approach to helping me problem solve so that I could discover my own answers. Rachel is very “down to earth” in her coaching style which provided me a realistic avenue to find solutions to the challenges that I was confronted with. Thank you so much, your friend, Jeannie

Rachel was able in only 4 hours to help me find a better direction, change my business, get more focus on important things and also helped me with my personal mindset. I am more motivated and see more through my business now than before and all that after only 4 Sessions of 1 hour each. Thank you Rachel and have a blessed time. Looking forward to work more with you. ~ Steve    

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Coaching Sessions by Topic:

Topic Offer Name Details Schedule Full Session Schedule Free Interview
Strength BuildingClarity on your Values 125 credits
60 min.
No current availability
What are your values? Have you a clear understanding of how knowing your values can help you with alignment? This is the part that many miss out on when looking for their 'purpose' or 'passion' they need to bring their vision to fruition. Purpose = motivation Knowing your values is the foundation to finding out what it is you want to do! To finding your purpose - which in turn gives you the motivation to move toward your goals. Having clarity here can affect the way you confront many situations in your life!
Customer RelationshipsDebriefing for Coaches (Coach for Coaches) 50 credits
60 min.
No current availability
Debriefing for Coaches. If you are experiencing problems with a client - who do you talk too? Could you have done something differently? Not sure how to handle something? This is your safe space - coach to coach - to mull over what you could have done differently, how to handle a difficult situation. Give yourself a confidence boost. Sometimes, it's just good to loudly think about what questions you could have asked. This is about you - not your client - its a way to confirm you actually got it right or could have done it a different way. We all go through these 'on second thoughts' - which can undermine our confidence. So if you have lingering questions or emotions that need dealing with - this is the place for you.
Niche Marketing/Target MarketFinished your Coaching Cognition Course - What Next? 55 credits
60 min.
No current availability
This is for those of you who have finished your Coaching course - now what? What suits you best? How do you choose a niche? How do you put yourself out there? Where do you start? Questions, questions, questions and you are still not sure. This is when the overwhelm and confusion sets in and you become even more frustrted and unsure of yourself. Let me be your 'sounding board' so that I can follow through with the right questions to give you stability and clarity. Your frustrations will transform into a need for action - a feeling of being positive - knowing where you want to go and knowing you will indeed get there!!
Work-Life BalanceFor Students of the School 50 credits
60 min.
No current availability
Especially for Students of the School. If you are stuck, confused, looking for motivation or perhaps have a particular problem/decision you want to work on - whatever. Let's sort it :)
Business/Executive CoachingIs your local business standing still? 125 credits
60 min.
No current availability
Are you wondering what the next step is for your local business? Have some ideas but don't know how to go further? Looking to put your business online but.....? In this session you will clarify your ideas, figure out how to implement them and have an action plan for implementation. You will feel confident in going forward, will know what resources to use and at last have clarity.
Personal DevelopmentREADY FOR CHANGE? 125 credits
60 min. 3 sessions. Discount: 20%.
No current availability
You are feeling hemmed in and suffocated - perhaps it's time to make some changes. If you could just dig down and find out exactly where the problem lies and how to deal with it, just imagine how much better you would feel! This is where a Coach can really help you - we know that sometimes it takes just the right question at the right moment and BAM - suddenly there is light at the end of the tunnel and you can move forward in the way that best suits you.

Consulting Sessions by Topic:

Topic Offer Name Details Schedule Full Session Schedule Free Interview
Video MarketingBody Language for Video 50 credits
60 min.
No current availability
Using Body language to engage your clients is so important on video. You can build trust quickly by adding hand movement, tilting your head in just the right way or leaning in a little. I will help you improve those spots which need improving on your video. We will go through and see how you can fit body language into your video. With practice it will come easily so your voice, body language and message all come together and engage your audience authentically.
Book Publishing/MarketingPROOF READING 45 credits
60 min.
No current availability
This is aimed at those producing e-books, reports or content for web sites up to 50 pages. Bear in mind that this is proof reading – assuming you have had the material edited already. If there is still a lot of editing involved you may have to book more sessions.
Creating an ebookWhat's in an Ebook ?? 50 credits
60 min.
No current availability
Is doing that ebook holding you back?? It is just a matter of planning. Just think how proud you will be when you have finally put something together!! With a little hand holding, a little organization, realizing you have the creative ability you never thought you had ... Once you have the first one done, nothing will hold you back from the next :)