Meri Har-Gil

Taking You From Stuck to Unstoppable

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Do you feel stuck, like your life is on hold?

Do you feel overwhelmed by a goal or task?

Do you find yourself saying, “I can’t”?

If this describes you, you’re not alone. I was once in your shoes. It’s now my passion to help women like you and me make the journey from where they are, to where they want to be.

I call this my Plan for Can!

So often, we tell ourselves that we can’t. You can’t get that new job. You’ll never be good at that. You’re not skilled enough. You’re not beautiful enough. You’re not confident enough.

Enough of that!

I’m here to say that you can achieve your goals. All you need is someone to help and support you along the way. That’s my specialty.

What I Do

Our coaching relationship will be an active partnership. Here’s what I do on my side:

  • Help you clarify what you want in life
  • Create a plan to get you there
  • Help you break down overwhelming obstacles into manageable tasks
  • Reframe disempowering beliefs you may have about yourself
  • Act as your accountability partner, guide, cheerleader and devil’s advocate
  • Help you identify your inner resources and talents
  • Show you how to ask for help when you need it

What You Can Expect

A relationship is a two-way street. You won’t experience the life that you desire, if you don’t take an active role in our partnership. If you do, you will:

  • Enjoy a more purposeful life
  • Learn how to take charge of your life
  • Cultivate a no-excuses attitude
  • Feel unstoppable!

Most of all, you’ll create your own customized Plan for Can, with practical tools and manageable steps, to help you overcome barriers that would have stopped you before.

My Journey

For 25 years before I received my coaching credentials, I owned and operated a spa, where I developed trusting relationships with my clients. I had a knack for getting them to open up about their thoughts, feelings and challenges. I found myself helping them to find solid, practical solutions to their problems.

I finally realized that I had natural talent for coaching.

At first I was overwhelmed by the thought of starting my own coaching business. At times, I felt immobilized by fear and self-doubt. With help from others and by trusting in the skills I knew I already possessed, I developed my own Plan for Can. Now I’m happier, healthier and more fulfilled than I’ve ever been.

I want you to feel the same!

Now Is The Time

Don’t waste another day bogged down by an “I can’t” attitude. It’s time to walk through those walls, that you’ve been hiding behind.



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Shafondra Matthews

“Working with Meri has been absolutely amazing! She will be your biggest motivator and cheerleader. She will also challenge you to push yourself further than you think you can go. Meri is gifted with the ability to see who you really are. She’s attentive and taps into your essence. She connects .. READ MORE

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Ele Radoslovish

“Meri Har-Gil has been my anchor in the rough seas. As I get jostled around, change the direction of my boat, circle the other direction; she’s always been there with love, empathy, and an unfettered determination to see me succeed. She really believes in me and holds that space until .. READ MORE


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Special Promotional Offers:

Promo CodeDiscount %DescriptionTopic(s) Included With Promo Code
IBLIQKRH50The Kick-Start Plan is perfect for people who want to know how life coaching can benefit them — immediately. In this one-time session, we talk about your life goals, your personal value, as well as your obstacles and limitations. We will then identify specific actions that you can take to move closer toward your goals. You will leave the session with takeaways you can apply in your life right away. This plan is ideal if you simply want to try life coaching to see if it’s for you. Life Coaching, Personal Development, Personal Relationships, Work-Life Balance

Coaching Sessions by Topic:

Topic Offer Name Details Schedule Full Session Schedule Free Interview
Work-Life BalanceChoosing a Balanced life style 125 credits
60 min.
No current availability
With everything you've got on your plate, sometimes it's hard to find time for everything you want to do. Living a balanced lifestyle is the key to having time for yourself, your work, your family and your friends. Are you managing to stay balanced? Or are you feeling that life is sabotaging your best efforts? I can be a partner in this challenge by giving you the support, tools and a plan, that you need to achieve the right balance for YOU!
Personal DevelopmentDeveloping the Unstoppable YOU! 125 credits
60 min.
No current availability
Each session is all about YOU. Through a safe and trusting client/coaching relationship, you will discover your purpose and passion in life. For some clients, these may mean exploring their limiting beliefs, old habits, fears or insecurities. Each person is different, with different needs. These sessions will help you create action steps that make it easier to become an Unstoppable YOU!
Life CoachingEmpowering the Woman in YOU! 125 credits
60 min.
No current availability
If you’re a woman, who is feeling stressed-out, overwhelmed and discontent… If you’re feeling that something is missing in your life, then you’re definitely not alone. So many of us women tend to lose our sense of self, as we exist within the different roles in our lives. 
 It’s often our tendency, to first take care of all the people in our lives and to devote our efforts to a myriad of obligations. Then we feel guilty for desiring to feel more fulfilled. Are you ready to make life-changing decisions to truly live up to your own potential, instead of waiting for the right time or permission from others? 
As your coach, I will help empower the woman in you to discover your inner passion and to increase your confidence and ability to control your life. Together we will develop a plan that gives you direction for what you want. This will not only benefit you, but also everyone around you.
Personal RelationshipsHealthy Relationships 125 credits
60 min.
No current availability
"Making ALL the relationships in our life healthy is an 'inside job'. You not only can, it would be way more effective to do it on your own, and there’s no need to actively involve the other person! " If you are challenged with ANY of the relationships in your life, I will guide you through this process, so you can gain the tools you need to have only healthy relationships in your life
Make a DifferenceMake a Difference - MAD 125 credits
30 min. Discount: 100%.
No current availability
As a coach supporting the MAD "Make a Difference " organization by Donny Osmond, I am available to the participants, who have completed one year in the program. I will help you keep up the energy and drive you need, as you meet the many demands of your project without sacrificing the other things in your life that are important to you. Feel free to contact me for the support you need. Set your 4 session of 30 minutes each - Completely FREE!!

Consulting Sessions by Topic:

Topic Offer Name Details Schedule Full Session Schedule Free Interview
Content Development StrategiesFirst Draft Payment 200 credits
60 min.
No current availability
First Draft Payment - Due Nov. 22, 2015
Information ProductsFirst payment upon confirmation of participation in the book- ' Who's Going To Stop Us Now??' 150 credits
60 min.
No current availability
Payment plan for co-authors - $150 deposit due upon confirmation of participation.
Social MarketingGet Your Facebook Page Noticed 75 credits
45 min.
No current availability
Is your Facebook fan page lacking…fans? Are your “likes” low? Does it seem like your ads are invisible? Let me help you transform your fan page into a vibrant community! I will give you the one-on-one support you need to pull together all the pieces so your page boosts your credibility and turns fans into clients. First, we’ll identify problem areas and set specific goals for the fan page. We’ll brainstorm value-driven posts that get viewers involved. We’ll develop compelling ads to drive traffic. Together, we’ll increase your reach and build a true community that proves to be a real “click” magnet. This session is ONLY for the Coaching Cognition community
Content Development StrategiesWorkshop Planing and developing 50 credits
60 min.
No current availability
Partner with me to develop a workshop that you can sell to promote yourself and your business and make $$$, as well as, positioning YOU as the featured expert. I’ll coach you as you put the workshop together, and then we’ll combine efforts to market it. This process will lead you and guide you through the product creation process from A to Z. If you are ready for a Joint Venture book a session today! *****You agree to pay for any missed sessions that are not rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice prior to the missed session. *** Note- this offer is ONLY for SOOB students.

SOOB Workshop Offers:

Facebook unleashed 100 In this workshop Meri Har-Gil and Nell Rose Phillips partner up to offer our unique strengths to help you create a business fanpage. We will go deep in what you need to decide and do before creating your page and what it should definitely include. Here is some of what we will be covered: Set up your business page from scratch proper Image sizes, and what you should include in the about section Why and how to use facebook advertising to grow your business Understanding analytics Learn how to get your posts in the newsfeed more often - crack edge rank Using custom apps to create landing pages and fan gates Must have FREE apps to build your page Step-by-step ad campaign creation Bonuses and Much more! Click on the link to find out more! 0
Creating Your Mastermind Group and Harnessing Its Power!25 The "Master Mind" may be defined as: "Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose." -Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill. In this workshop I will not only teach you the importance of a mastermind group, but I'll also show you how to build your own Mastermind group, and how to use it most effectively. Workshop Objectives: • Understand what a mastermind is and the different forms they can take • Identify people you want in your mastermind • Learn how to build your mastermind • Understand how to use your mastermind 0
Empowering Kids- Interactive Workshop50 The Empowering Kids-Interactive Workshop is designed to empower kids, parents and teachers to teach kids skills and techniques they can use for the rest of their lives. These lessons are taught using animation. Animation is a fun way for kids to engage in the lessons. Each animation has a PDF that kids can download to customize the answers uniquely to each child. The topics covered are gratitude, confidence, vision boards, trying something new, a technique to deal with anger, frustration and hurt, work ethic, power of focus, meditate to find lost object and solve problems, law of attraction, putting it all together is a summary of all the above topics. 0
YouTube Video Marketing Workshop!75 Build your brand on YouTube and attract your ideal audience by using your videos. YouTube video marketing workshop is designed to guide you from YouTube Settings and Branding to video traffic. Cut your learning curve and avoid making mistakes by learning from this workshop. YouTube is the number #1 largest video-sharing platform, the number #2 search engine after Google and it is owned by Google. If you want to market your business online, build your authority and brand online, YouTube video marketing is A MUST. This workshop has 6 modules and 39 video tutorials. Each module has step-by-step video tutorials with English captions/subtitles, PDF files which accompany each module. 0
Amazing Branding Intro Video 25 30 minutes consultation and amazing branding Intro video done for you to capture the attention of your audience. 0
Creative Video Design (Post Production)50 1 hour consultation and creative post production video DONE FOR YOU to attract your ideal audience. 0
video marketing/consultation/editing25 1 hour consultation or 1 hour video editing 0
Just b Camera Ready!45 Your session will be customized to your needs to help you create professionally produced videos. Topics may include Set design, make-up application, lighting, wardrobe, and more. 0
Just b Camera Ready Make-Up Workshop for Women98 Step by Step Professional Make-Up Application Instruction! 0